Nick Rigby discovers and writes that Opera 8 has a maximum text-indent value of 32697 pixels.

Clearly this is an edge case and not all that common, but those that use the "off-left" technique might find something familiar in his quote:

There would be no need to ever use a value this large, but I happened to be using -9999em originally, which, depending on the default font-size of the document, is a lot more than this limit value. Hence, it did not work in Opera 8.

Anyways, just a little tip for your toolbox.

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Why not use the 'off-top' alternative instead?

Posted by: Anup Shah | Jul 22, 2005 5:13:10 AM

Yes, I didn't post this to recommend one method over another -- off-top should be fine too -- just to point to an obscure fringe-case browser issue. thanks for the comments!

Posted by: Nate Koechley | Jul 22, 2005 10:05:53 AM

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