A couple weeks ago I ranted about the Government Reform Committee's investigation of steroids in baseball.

[N]ot that I'm pro-steroids or anything, but doesn't the GOVERNMENT REFORM COMMITTE have anything better to do than get autographs from a bunch of athletes? Even if steroids were the worst thing under the sun, what exactly does it have to do with GOVERNMENT REFORM? It's not like that don't have anything to do: Haven't they heard of DeLay's illegal and unethical actions, the federal government's falsification of documents related to the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste dump, or that BushCo is prepackaging television news in a blatant propaganda plan? (And then there's the whole "torture" and "1500 Americans dead" thing...)

Well, I feel a little better today after reading that the House Government Reform subcommittee held hearings today into the falsification of Yucca Mountain documents by government scientists.

"The fact that data may have been intentionally fabricated in service of shoring up predetermined and politically driven conclusions calls into question the very legitimacy of this entire program," [Nevada Governor Kenny] Guinn said.

At least the Government Reform committee is in the right ballpark again.

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