Send search results to your phone from your desktop.

Yahoo! Local released a new search feature today, allowing you to quickly send clips of search results to you phone via a free SMS text message. You can do this directly from the search results page - no page reload necessary. It couldn't be easier:

Here's how:

From the front page of Yahoo!, click the "Local" tab to toggle the search box, and enter a local search. (Or use directly.) Search for anything you'd find in a yellow pages, or anything with an address. All your saved addressed from Y!Maps and other Y! sites should be available as locations to search around.


From the search results page (SRP), click "Send to Phone" to send the listing to your phone. It's sent via SMS I think.


The Send interface is straight forward, and let's you enter a phone number, or select a previously used or saved mobile number. (It seems to default to whatever number you've registered with, though that step isn't necessary.)


From the standard SRP view, you can click "View Results on Map" to see them graphically displayed around your search location. (Viewing results on a map is great, and also lets you quickly find nearby parking, ATMs, restaurants -- even nearby public restrooms.)


From this map view, click any of the numbered representations for more information, and the option to "Send to Phone".


Enter the recipient phone number in the same manner as from the SRP list view.


The resulting message looks something like this:


Give it a shot, it's pretty good. (And if you haven't played with Local search, this is the perfect opportunity.)

Congrats to my friends Chris and Jason, who were both involved with the webdev work on this.

Update: Gary Price at Search Engine Watch has an entry on this now.


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This service is ok. but you can only forward it from PC to phone. What u really want is a way to send a request in a text message format and get a response back. After all, u are not in front of PC all the time. I use Koffee-Break for obtaining business listings. It gives abt 10 listings so I have my choice. Many more services offered by them. Movies, product reviews, stock quotes, weather, flight status etc.

Posted by: mvl_test | Feb 10, 2005 11:24:42 AM

mvl_test, thats a very useful tip. I think WAP is cumbersome and not useful. You pointed to the right site. Koffee-Break has so many services. And very useful ones too. Plus, they managed to offer services worldwide. I was in Japan last week and wanted to know the hotspots. Sending an SMS to sms@koffee-break got me the response in < 1 minute. See more of them at

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