Slides are up from the accessibility Conference at the University of Central Lancashire from 2004-06-23.

Speakers include:

Bob Regan - Macromedia Inc.
"Accessibility in Rich Media for the Web"
With the growing importance of rich media and multimedia on the web, it is important for educators to address issues of accessibility. This presentation looks at accessibility in the context of rich media, providing an overview of standards, common concerns and remedies to everyday issues. Real life examples will be used to provide a context for the issues presented.
Breeze Presentation + Slides

Jim Byrne - Making Connections Unit
"What is an accessible website?"
Examining common definitions of accessible web design, and discussing their practical implications for web ublishers/designers. By looking at accessible web design from the producers point of view (i.e., taking into account the reality of limited time and resources), and not just concentrating on consumer needs, we can derive some important practical lessons to help us in produce accessible sites. This approach leads to more flexibility, which (ironically) meets the needs of a greater number of end users.
Breeze Presentation (followed by Zoe Neumann) + Slides

Zoe Neumann - RNIB
"Is it legal? You decide..."
In this session, I will recap the requirements of SENDA and present some e-learning experiences students have described. The audience will consider the experiences and vote on the legality of the provision, how beneficial adjustments can be made and ponder "inclusion".
Breeze Presentation (Preceded by Jim Byrne) + Slides + Transcript of slide 21

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