Yahoo! 360 launched and began its invitation-only beta period today. Yahoo! 360 is a new product that allows you to easily share stuff with the circles of people in your life. It's a social site, letting your connect with family, friends, friends-of-friends, and new people with whom you share interests.

Eric has a nice post up called Why 360 is not a Blog, and Jason has some good comments on target audience complete with a plea to invite your mom. Troutgirl wrote a thoughtful piece too that's well worth reading.

So far I've been very impressed. I guess I'm what Jason has called a capital-W Weblogger of sorts, but I recognize that this service is for a different part of my online life. Not necessarily a place to build my career, forward the Debate, or even publish my complex travelog, it's instead a great place to spend time, share things frivolous and intimate with friends and family, and benefit from my off-line connection online.

I can only imagine that this will spread its reach and therefor its value. Already you can share quick blast messages and longer blog (or journal) entries, as well as personal messaging. Photo sharing is integrated, as well as your music from Yahoo! Music LaunchCast station. Groups are there, and definitely some other things I'm forgetting about right now.

One of my early favorites though is over in Yahoo! Local (the web's best yellow pages and location based search). Here you can see your relationship to the authors of user reviews for things including restaurants, parks, dentists and mechanics. If you look around the Yahoo! network it's easy to see many sites where Y~360 may add significant value. As I said in the comments on Troutgirl's entry, I can definitely imagine sending a message to a friend (or friend-of-a-friend) that's written a review to ask follow-up questions on restaurants, dentists and mechanics.

All and all, I offer an unqualified congratulations to the entire 360 team: Well done.

(And it's LSM too! With Progressive Enhancement and Unobtrusive Javascript!)

Let me know if you're interested in an Invite, I still have a few left.

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If you're willing -- I'd love to take a look! Thanks, -kb

Posted by: kb | Mar 30, 2005 4:30:32 AM

Eric's post is one of the most ignorant things I've read in a long time. Amazingly clueless. -Russ

Posted by: Russ | Mar 30, 2005 9:07:00 AM

Thanks, Nate!

Posted by: kb | Mar 30, 2005 1:00:27 PM

Y!360 rocks so far. I wish Yahoo would create a service similar to Epinions so that we could display Product reveiws...Oh hey and why not Music review as well?

Posted by: Guillaume | Apr 1, 2005 3:20:31 AM

Hi Nate. Do you have any more invitations left? You've piqued my interest.

Posted by: Sophia H | Apr 6, 2005 11:10:44 AM

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