I didn't know that Netscape 2.0 was released in March of 1996, and that it introduced the font color tag. Nor did I remember that Netscape 4.5 was released in parallel with Netscape 4.06. Did you remember that 4.73 was the first with 128-bit encryption?

That and many more details on SillyDog701's Netscape Info Centre.

While this new reference is pretty impressive, it only makes sense to point to what seems to be the authoritative browser reference online: http://browsers.evolt.org.

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The font tag arrived with Netscape 1.1, as did tables, in summer 1995. That was the first browser that hinted that any kind of visual design/layout would be possible. IIRC, it was where Dave Siegel sat up and took notice - I remember reading Severe Tire Damage days after it appeared and thinking "shit! Complex tables+shims = near effective layout!"

Missing 1.1 is a major omission!

Netscape 2.0's big innovation was Frames, which I hated on sight. Yes it did have some Javascript, but not enough to do anything useful with. For that we had to wait until 3.0.

Posted by: martinb | Oct 22, 2004 3:01:03 PM

Here's the download to prove it: http://browsers.evolt.org/?navigator/32bit/1.1, which was also the 1st 32 bit Netscape version, Win95 having just been released that summer.

Posted by: martinb | Oct 22, 2004 3:04:40 PM

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