Wow!: Eyetrack III

The Poynter Institute, a school for journalists, has just released the results of a comprehensive and fabulously documented eye tracking study. Very interesting information.

They analyzed their data internally, and with external analysis by Jared, Jakob, Rusty, Adrian Holovaty and Alan Jacobson.

They've made a lovely self-contained site with all the goodies which you can also download in it's entirety in PDF.

There are many interesting findings, which did you find most enlightening?

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I love this kind of research. Marry this the SURL research (some of my favorite usability research) and work being done on design patterns and you've got a real good start to any web project.

The most intriguing part to me is how the use of blurbs and smaller fonts attracts more attention from the user. I've been advocating blurbs on our intranet for a long time now as a better indicator to content on the other side of the link. This will just help me sell the need for blurbs in certain designs.

Posted by: Sean King | Sep 9, 2004 11:57:00 AM

Hey Sean, Thanks for the links. That pattern library is cool. It's timely too, as I've been studying patterns for the better part of this year. Too bad SURL doesn't have a RSS feed. Cheers, thanks for visiting.

Posted by: Nate Koechley | Sep 9, 2004 2:53:51 PM

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